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Wednesday 6th March 2019

Wednesday 6 March 2019 - Ash Wednesday 7.30pm - Beki Cansdale This Sermon can be found Here. (to be uploaded on final site)Listen to Our Latest SermonsWorship Services TimesMusicSermonsChildren, Young People and FamiliesExploring ChristianityLiturgyChurch...

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Sunday 7th April 2019 Alistair Dinnie

Sunday 7 April - Alistair Dinnie  May the words of mouth and the mediation of all our hearts be always acceptable in your sight, O Lord our help and our redeemer. I have an early memory of being told off at nursery school for using empty pages in my drawing book...

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Sunday 21 April 2019 Easter Sunday Rosie Addis

Sunday 21 April - Easter Sunday Rosie Addis  Sermon Easter Day 2019 Now, if you asked my family, they would tell you that I’m not really one for art galleries. I tend to have a quick look round and then head for the café … or the shop. But a few weeks ago we were...

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Sunday 5th May 2019 Bishop John Armes

Sunday 5th May - Bishop John Armes A ‘Damned World’? The Patronal Festival of St John’s, Princes Street, Edinburgh, 5th May 2019 1 John 1.1-9; John 20.1-8  We live in a ‘damned world!’ When Elizabeth Templeton heard a Christian minister say that she was rendered...

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Sunday 26th May 2019

Sunday 26th May 2019  ST JOHN 6th of Easter: Acts 16.6-5; Revelation 21.10, 22-27; 22.1-5 ‘Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold; /Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world… ‘ In 1919, exactly a hundred years ago, the poet W B Yeats foresaw the gathering clouds...

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Sunday 2nd June 2019

Sunday 2nd June - Evensong Rom 6 1-5;  Rom 6, 6-14 Superficially, the first verse of this evening’s lessons sounds like carte blanche for criminals! Sometimes referred to as the theology of sin. But read further……… St Paul devoted much time and energy towards...

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Sunday 16th June 2019 – Kenneth Boyd

Sunday 16th June - Evensong Sermon - Kenneth Boyd  ST JOHN: Trinity Sunday: 10.30: Proverbs 8.1-4, 22-31; Romans 5.1-5; John 16.12-15 Over the last year, I’ve been reading again some of the great 19th century English novels, in particular those of Anthony...

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Sunday 23 June 2019 – Rosie Addis

Sunday 30 June - Evensong Sermon There are two sides to every story. We’ve been hearing recently in the sermons about stories. Narratives. The Greatest Story Ever Told. And each week we dip into three different parts of the Bible – to get a glimpse of life in...

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Sunday 30th June 2019 Evensong Sermon

Sunday 30 June - Evensong Sermon  Sermon evensong 30/06/19   Life as a prophet is not easy. The Bible is littered with them. Men and women whom God calls and gives them a specific message to pass on to the people. Whether those people are going to like it or...

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