EfM Schedule 2022/23

The timetable below gives an overview of the reading for each Year Group in the academic year 2022/23.

The books listed are either books of the Bible, or text books as listed on the main EfM page here. All dates are subject to change.

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Week Number
and Date
Year 1
(Old Testament)
Year 2
(New Testament)
Year 3
(Church History)
1. 29/08/22Sign up weekOrientation/organisationOrientation/organisation
2. 19/09/22Spiritual AutobiographySpiritual AutobiographySpiritual Autobiography
3. 26/09/22Collins: Preface, Introduction.Collins: Preface, Chptrs 1 + 2Acknowledgements, Introduction, Ch. 1
4. 03/10/22Yee: Preface, IntroductionCollins ch. 3-6Ch. 2
5. 10/10/22Genesis 1-11, Collins ch. 3Collins ch. 7-9Ch. 3
6. 17/10/22Genesis 12-50, Collins ch.4Powell ch. 1 +2Ch.4
7. 24/10/22Exodus 1-5, Collins ch.5Powell ch.3Ch. 5
8. 31/10/22Common readingCommon readingCommon reading
(Clergy conference)
9. 14/11/22Exodus 16-40, Collins ch.6Powell ch.4-5Ch.6
10. 21/11/22Leviticus, Numbers. Collins ch.7Matthew. Powell ch.6Ch.7
11. 28/11/22Deuteronomy, Collins ch.8Mark. Powell ch.7Ch. 8
12. 05/12/22Yee ch.1Luke. Powell ch.8Ch.9
13. 12/12/22Joshua, Judges. Collins ch.9+10John. Powell ch.9Ch.10
14. 19/12/22‘Reading the Bible from the Margins’‘Reading the Bible from the Margins’‘Reading the Bible from the Margins’
Christmas Break
15/16. 09/01/23Common readingCommon readingCommon reading
17. 16/01/231 Samuel, 2 Samuel. Collins ch.11+12Acts. Powell ch.10Ch.11
18. 23/01/231 Kings, 2 Kings. Collins ch.13+14NT Letters. Powell ch.12Ch.12
19. 30/01/23Yee ch.2Romans. Powell ch.13Ch.13
20. 06/02/23Amos, Hosea. Collins ch.151 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians. Powell ch.14+15Ch.14
21. 13/02/23Micah, Isaiah 1-39. Collins ch.16Galatians. Powell ch.16Ch.15
22. 20/02/23Common readingCommon readingCommon reading
23. 27/02/23Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel. Collins ch.17+18Ephesians. Powell ch.17Ch.16
24. 06/03/23Isaiah 40-66, Jonah. Collins ch.19+20Philippians, Colossians. Powell ch.18+19Ch.17
25. 13/03/23Yee ch.31 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians. Powell ch.20+21Ch.18
26. 20/03/23Ezra, Nehemiah, 1 Chronicles, 2 Chronicles. Collins ch.21+221 Timothy, 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon. Powell ch.22+23Ch.19
Easter break
27. 03/04/23Psalms, Song of Songs. Collins ch.23Hebrews. Powell ch.24Ch.20
28. 17/04/23‘Healing our Broken Humanity’‘Healing our Broken Humanity’‘Healing our Broken Humanity’
29. 24/04/23‘Healing our Broken Humanity’‘Healing our Broken Humanity’‘Healing our Broken Humanity’
30. 01/05/23Common readingCommon readingCommon reading
31. 08/05/23Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes. Collins ch.24+25James. Powell ch.25Ch.21
32. 15/05/23Ruth, Esther. Collins ch.261 Peter, 2 Peter. Powell ch.26+27Ch.22
33. 22/05/23Daniel, 1 Maccabees, 2 Maccabees. Collins ch.271 John, 2 John, 3 John. Powell ch.28Ch.23
34. 29/05/23Ecclesiasticus, Wisdom of Solomon. Collins ch.28Jude. Powell ch.29Ch.24
35. 05/06/23Yee ch.4. Collins ch.29Revelation. Powell ch.30Ch.25
36. 12/06/23Closing celebrationClosing celebrationClosing celebration