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St Johns welcomes new members and visitors from all backgrounds. Our congregation includes evangelicals, Roman Catholics, humanists; at election time it becomes clear that there are stalwart supporters of all parties; there are students who arrived last week, and people whose connection with St John’s goes back almost to its foundation in 1818.

St John’s is a member of Changing Attitude Scotland, working to end prejudice and discrimination against LGBT+ people.

Some members enjoy the lively intellectual debates and joining in social justice and environmental initiatives; others like being able quietly to enjoy the preaching and choral music; or participating in social activities such as the walking group.

Come along to one of our services or other events.

If you would like to become more involved in the life of St John’s then you might want to consider joining one of the many groups that all, in different ways, contribute to the community of the church.

You also might consider becoming a member of St John’s, and think about whether it might be appropriate for you to give money to St John’s on a regular basis.

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