Delicious Garbage Soup

Here are the instructions for making garbage soup. There isn’t a recipe. This is what you do.

1. Open the fridge door and vegetable cupboard.

2. Remove everything which is left over from a previous meal or which is at the end of its life.

3. Inspect every item and discard everything which is mouldy, smells “off” or would otherwise harm you. Look at ‘use by’ dates with discretion. This is essential to avoid food poisoning.

4. Put the discarded items in the food waste or compost bin.

5. Wash and chop the things which need chopping and washing.

6. Put a spoonful of oil or margarine in a pan and gently fry (saut.) any fresh vegetables.

7. Add sufficient water to cover, bring to the boil.

8. Boil till tender (and any germs are killed).

9. Add other stuff like lettuce, tomatoes, coleslaw (with dressing washed off), hummus, previously cooked anything, apple pie perhaps. Beware of things which cannot be reheated!

10. Add a glug of milk.

11. Blend.

12. Test for taste and texture. If necessary add herbs, spices, more left-overs, water, etc.

13. Blend again.

14. Re-test for taste and texture.

15. Serve.

I am indebted to Rabbi Lionel Blue who coined the term “Garbage Soup” in his 1985 book Kitchen Blues – Recipes for Body and Soul. He wrote “I have a friend who makes Garbage Soup. Each week she clears out the vegetable rack and the fridge and (with discretion) boils and purees the lot with judicious additions. The result is delicious ‘Garbage’. It is never the same twice.” The above instructions are however my own.

Kitchen Blues is that rare thing, a book about religion, humanity and food, a bit like the Bible I suppose.

Why is it Eco-Friendly?

It reduces food waste.

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