A recipe from a Kelso friend using local ingredients. Similar to Bubble and Squeak, but don’t tell that to someone fae Kelso.


• Any left over vegetables mixed together .

If making from scratch

• Potatoes peeled, boiled, mashed, lots

• Neeps peeled, boiled, mashed

• Kale or Cabbage thinly sliced and cooked Butter or plant-based margarine

• 50g Grated cheese, orange Orkney “Cheddar”


• Mix all above together with salt and pepper.

• Butter an oven proof dish and put in the ‘mash’.

• Sprinkle top with a layer of cheese.

• Cook 30 minutes, 180’C oven

If utilities are too expensive to use an oven throw all ingredients in a frying pan and heat through.

Either serve as a main dish or a side – delicious

Why is it eco-friendly?

A tasty way to use up any left-overs and reduce food waste and save money.


In the famous collection of Scottish recipes The Scots Kitchen by Mrs. F. Marian McNeill. there are some old-fashioned potato and cabbage dishes, a reminder that we live in an age of plenty. ‘Rumbledethumps’ is made by boiling together equal quantities of potato and cabbage with a little onion, mashing them together, and serving them from a bowl.

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