Baptisms and Confirmations


Baptism is a ceremony in which the person is washed with water, which symbolizes the refreshing, life-giving and cleansing love of God as we know it through Jesus. At their baptism the candidate makes a public commitment of faith, unless they are an infant, in which case parents and godparents make this commitment for them. So, baptism can take place at any age – if you would like to learn more about baptism either for yourself or your child please get in touch.

If you are visiting St John’s to attend a baptism service you’ll find advice on what to expect here.

If you do not want your baby to be baptized but you would still like to mark their birth with a special ceremony we would be happy to talk with you about a Thanksgiving or Blessing which can take place either in church or at home. Please speak to a member of the ministry team, or contact the church office


If you have already been baptized but want to renew or make an adult statement of the promises made at your baptism then we have a ceremony called Confirmation or Affirmation of Faith. This involves the Laying on of Hands with prayer by a bishop. We tend to have one Confirmation each year which is preceded by a course of group study over several weeks. Please contact us for more details.