There are a number of committees and groups at St John’s who manage the day-to-day affairs that relate to their remit and advise Vestry on action and decisions. To know more about the work of each of these, or if you have a question that relates to their work, please get in touch with the named convener or, if you are unsure of their details, contact us and we’ll put you in touch.

Fabric Committee
Convened by Alan Martin

The Fabric committee is responsible for the care of our buildings, which includes the Church building, the Rectory and Associate Rector’s flat.

Finance Committee
Convened by Nicky Benn

The Finance Committee are responsible for setting St John’s annual budget and managing our financial affairs. If you wish to contact someone about regular giving to St John’s then please contact Iain Herbert, our Operations Manager.

Green Ginger Group
Convened by Andrew Wright

This group takes on the task of ‘gingering up’ the congregation on matters relating to our care for creation. Their work includes helping to plan and organise events that happen during Creationtide in the month of September.

Personnel Committee
Convened by Rosie Addis

This group is responsible for the employed staff of St John’s as well as those who volunteer their time with us.

CDEL (Cornerstone Developments Edinburgh Ltd)
Convened by the Rector

CDEL is the Board of the company that manages the Cornerstone Centre. They are appointed to the their positions by Vestry. Membership of CDEL includes members of St John’s as well as those with expertise from the wider community.