We’re very excited to let you know that we shall very soon be welcoming Pulse to our lower terrace. Pulse is a plant-based food company, run by Mark and Ayshé, and will opening very soon! In the meantime, here’s a bit from their website about them and their philosophy…

It is becoming apparent that identifying ourselves merely as consumers is inadequate. More people are engaging with different aspects of food politics. As general confidence wanes in globalised food production systems and the mistrust for the factory-processed ‘food’ industry widens, the plantbased homecooking community will grow. Both environmental research and nutritional research point to plantbased eating for the good of the planet. Developing cooking skills will ensure better control over the quality of our food.

This is where ‘we’ come in. We are Ayshé and Mark— inseparable since 1999. Our backgrounds in theatre and education brought us here. We have been plantbased since the start of 2013. We take the phrase ‘good taste above all’ seriously. We founded PULSE at the very end of 2014 and served our first paying customer at the beginning of 2015 at Hampstead Community Centre in North London.

Keeping calm and carrying on hasn’t proven to be an efficient strategy, we think we might try jumping up and down, cooking up a storm as a strategy to bring about change one bite at a time.

That’s why we founded PULSE, a plantbased homecooking business in London in 2014. PULSE is the manifestation of our engagement with food politics. We moved to beautiful Edinburgh at the end of 2021 and have found a permanent home for PULSE at St John’s Church. We have learned a lot over the years and we cannot wait to share our food and  food knowledge with you.