Join us for this HeartEdge Event on Tuesday 24 May from 12:30-2 pm at St Columba’s by the Castle, 14 Johnston Terrace EH1 2PW

  • Revd Fiona Bennett, Minister, Augustine United Church, Edinburgh, Moderator Elect. United Reformed Church
  • Martin Johnstone, At the Edge
  • Revd Dr Sam Wells, HeartEdge Founder, Vicar at St Martin-in-the-the-Fields, London

Join Martin, Sam and Fiona in conversation, to explore how the HeartEdge movement can help us reimagine the church and its role in society.

From the earliest days of the Christian Church there were people who preached, prayed and evangelised. People fed the hungry, cured the sick and walked alongside those who struggled. Some did all these things, but there was always encouragement for people to exercise their particular gifts. And so it is today. There is always room for all who wish to help our communities to thrive and people to find their worth.

As churches in Scotland face challenges associated with numerical decline, and communities long for healing and hope, there are signs of life and promise too. In our churches and with partners committed to work for human flourishing, we can create opportunities for support, learning and growth, and help our communities thrive.

HeartEdge is an international, ecumenical movement galvanising churches to be at the heart of their communities, while being with those on the Edge. With a “4 Cs” framework and active network, HeartEdge creates opportunities for learning and growth through commerce, culture, compassion and congregational life.

Organised by Greyfriars Kirk. Soup & Sandwich lunch avaialable from

Revd Wells has recently published Humbler Faith, Bigger God: Finding a Faith to Live By (Canterbury).